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The 1940's & 1950's

After being stationed in San Diego during WWII in the Navy, my father Joe Duncan, moved his family from Tennessee to Los Angeles due to the boom in California. He relocated "Low Dollar Joes" used cars from Harriman, Tennessee to North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley where he built a thriving business.

While in the Navy, Joe had developed Rheumatic Fever during the war and was transferred to a hospital in Rhode Island from San Diego. It was on the long train ride across the country that Joe would see the Cadillacs and old cars driving down the highways when he made a decision that, one day, he would own a cadillac dealership.

Joe would frequent the Palomino Club in the Valley daily where such personalities as Clint Eastwood, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson would hang out. It was then that he developed Duncan's Cadillac's.

Into the 1960's

While observing the actors and actresses at the Palomino Club and the Brown Derby, Joe came up with a new concept. He noticed that there were many more aspiring actors and actresses than actual actors and actresses.

Many of the established entertainers drove Cadillacs, but Joe noticed that many of the aspiring actors and actresses could not afford to drive such a nice car, so he formed Duncan's Cadillac's and offered actors and actresses that could not afford a cadillac in house financing with a very small down payment. Joe would frequent the L.A. Auto Auction, but he could not buy enough Cadillacs to meet his needs. Business was booming and Joe purchased a beautiful Mediterranean home from the Laural & Hardy Estate. This is where I was born in 1962.

The 1970's

As Duncan's Cadillac's grew and many larger dealers witnessed Joe's success, they began to offer the same deals that "Low Dollar Joe" would offer. As a result of his health complications during WWII, Joe developed heart issues and wanted to downsize. He had heard that the Cape Canaveral area was booming in the mid to late 60's due to the space race. Along with something new and his Gypsie spirit, Joe moved his family to Merritt Island, Florida.

I still remember this picture my dad took of me on his new red cadillac sign. Joe used the same financing concept with NASA astronauts, NASA engineers and even the Houston Astros that trained in Cocoa, Florida. His venture on the space coast was also successful.

He would transport NASA cars and the Astros cars from Houston to Florida and began to grow his new Florida business. He also started 3 auto auctions in Florida, but in the 70's his heart condition worsened. Unfortunately, my dad died of a stroke in 1981 when I was 19 years old. He always asked to have "Low Dollar Joe" engraved on his stone and we fulfilled his wishes.


Beyond Joe Duncan

My dad once told me that there would be a vast classic car market one day, after he was gone,  and he was exactly correct. Since his death, I have ventured into many businesses, some successful and some not, but I have always maintained my classic car business.

Over the last several decades, after my fathers death, there have been many changes in the classic car market and I have applied everything I learned from my dad to the market of today. Therefore at northDclassics, I feel we can offer buyers and sellers of classic cars the utmost professionalism and honesty at a time when the market has been infiltrated with many different unknown aspects.

You can also check out www.myclassicnews.com that I pioneered in order to bring classic car and automotive news to the public.

Thanks for reading our history and I hope we can assist you when buying or selling your single classic car or your entire collection.